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What does “Your Vision Brought to Life” mean?

Your biggest fans are all about to join together to celebrate your most precious moments.  You can trust that any MC with SKM Entertainment will make those moments spectacular and memorable for all your guests for years to come.

Our motto is “Your Day, Your Way”, and we’ve been working that way since 1987. We have the talent, training, and tools to deliver your perfect event without the worry. Our prior clients say that SKM Entertainment greatly exceeded their expectations, greatly exceeded value, and that their event was perfect, or even more amazing than they could have ever imagined. It’s why we’ve won more awards in the past 26 years than any other Entertainment Company in the Valley. Your vision is important, whether you’ve dreamt of it for a long time, or need some inspiration from us – SKM Entertainment Event Productions will bring it to life.

the right talent:

Ask any of our MC’s and they will tell you about our rigorous selection process. From the audition where they have to generate energy and make announcements in front of people they don’t know, to the training program that rivals most college courses, they have to demonstrate their ability to generate fun and energy. SKM cares about the people going out to events every week. Everyone we hire has a passion for event success.  Whether they came from a music or performance background, or from a technical or service background, our MC’s are one thing above all: Talented. They are consistently told by their friends that they are “the life of the party” or they “always know how to have a good time.” They are organized, responsive, and down-right obsessed with even the slightest event details. They are not however, the center of attention. You and your guests are the rock stars, our MC’s are just there to hype things up.

That means that your guests get the experience you want them to have, without the MC being the center of attention.

the right training:

To ensure you experience the “SKM Difference”, all of our new employees must go through the same curriculum, whether they have 20+ years of mixing music or no experience at all, because SKM Event Standards are higher than any other company. Before our DJs work their first event, they are heavily trained in event management, music knowledge, equipment troubleshooting, and sound mechanics. Our “SKM U” is a total of 18 weeks long, an initial 12 weeks of DJ intro training and an additional 6 weeks of advanced MC training for those selected for the higher position. That means you will always get a professional, trained in the highest of standards – not just some person we know that can help us out for a night.

Most of our event packages include a Multi-Person Team. Not just a DJ, more than just an MC. We bring both, and sometimes more. Our MC’s have a bigger job at events: They help make your party flow the way it should. By coordinating with your vendors, engaging with your guests, and managing your event behind the scenes; the MC is responsible for much, much more than just playing music. That’s why we also bring a DJ- someone who can manage the music, volume levels, and keep the dance floor hopping while the MC orchestrates the details for you.  Because of our training, this means you will have the advantage of two or more professionally trained event specialists for your event. That’s even more value, even more polish and potential for perfection.

the right tools:

We meticulously research the best equipment and offer only premium enhancements to our clients. We hear the horror stories about some “other DJ’s”:  cheesy and cheap = bad. From our crystal-clear sound, to our technician-controlled $10,000  intelligent lighting, you get the benefit of exceptional quality at a value that our competitors don’t offer.

That’s not all.  We have a full-time staff that monitors, tests and maintains all of our equipment; as well as having operational backups for everything out at our events. That means you can trust that your event will run flawlessly, just the way you wanted it. Every Moment, Every Time: Your Vision, Brought To Life. 

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