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We are pleased to announce a fantastic new podcast called, “The Experience!” Hosted by our very own SKM MCs Justin Chapin and Gary Jenkins!

With SKM marking their 30 year anniversary this year, we set out to find a deeper appreciation for what we do week to week. While we have always been about creating memories at unforgettable events, we know the success of an event is bigger than just us as the entertainment. For weddings, there’s significance to everything from the florals and decor, the food, the colors, and even the people invited, it all speaks to the overall style that is the bride and groom. ¬†Your entertainment is just a piece of this, but as our MCs and DJs have found in their years of experience and training, they can tie all those elements together for an end result that is nothing short of spectacular.

That’s what the experience is all about. Hosts Justin and Gary will meet with vendors from all aspects of the wedding and event industry, seeking to find that deeper truth behind the overall success for their clients. They will have in depth conversations about the best practices, tips, tricks, and they’ll share stories to entertain and educate the listeners. Professionals and their clients can both benefit from that.

For more information, and to listen and subscribe, head to

The Experience! Weddings, Events, and the People that Love Them. Sponsored by SKM Entertainment Event Production.