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You’ve said “I DO”….NOW WHAT???  Planning a wedding is a major feat and most brides and grooms have never had experience managing such an extravagant event.

Many think they can do it themselves and half way through they realize they need a life preserver….enter the Professional Wedding Planner.  It’s best to consider this before you begin and you will see how helpful it can be to enlist a professional.

“My fiancé was so stressed out that it took the joy out of the planning process for us…since she met our planner it’s been great!  She’s confident she will give her the right direction in every aspect of wedding planning and our day will be perfect…I’ll have a happy stress free bride!”

A wedding planner is “TOO EXPENSIVE” is often the initial reaction.  What they don’t realize is that through the wedding planner’s advice, contacts and vendor discounts, you  will  save valuable time and many dollars.  These savings will often help to cover the cost of your planner’s services

When determining who the right planner is for you, .ask friends, venues or other wedding professionals who they would recommend to help you coordinate and then set up a brief interview with each of them.  Limit yourself to 2 or 3 planners as over choice will simply add to your confusion.

It’s important to get two referrals from each and to touch base with past brides and grooms to see how the planner helped them.  There must be a connection between you and your planner.  When it’s the right fit you will know and you will feel comfortable entrusting your special day to them.